Cows Go Moo on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms

Cows Go Moo original singles now available on Spotify, Apple Music and 150 streaming music platforms around the world. The singles include the tween anthem “Responsibilities”, the gold rush era “Lost in Gold” and the raging, guitar-driven “Fearful”.

Show at Lefty's Well

Cows Go Moo are opening for Dave Against the Machine and Mr. Bigly at Lefty's Well on February 25. This is not an all ages show. Doors open at 8:00pm, cover charge is $15.

Cows Go Moo on CKRW!

Cows Go Moo were hosted by Bobby and Curtis on the Morning Rush! Thomas crushed the AC/DC trivia challenge. CKRW also released their single “Responsibilities”!

In the music studio!

Cows Go Moo recorded their original music at Green Needle studios on January 14-15. Big thank you to Jim Holland for his skills and patience! We couldn't have done this without the support and guidance of Graeme Peters!!

Stay tuned…

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HVACTech Christmas party

Cows Go Moo played at ELECTRIC show at the HVACTech Christmas party to an enthusiastic crowd! They even attracted people from the bar and the other Christmas party next door...

Thank you to HVACTech for the opportunity to rock!!

Nordting and Cows Go Moo

Cows Go Moo provided an original song and accompanying performance for Nordting: Northern Assembly. The show was performed at the Yukon Arts Centre and involved multiple local performers.

Cows Go Moo open Blue Feather festival

Cows Go Moo rocked the Blue Feather festival audience on day 1 of the festival! A standing ovation followed their set. Huge shout out to Dilana who graciously invited them back on stage for the closing show!!