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Two shows in one day for Cows Go Moo!

Cows Go Moo rocked out at Rock the Wharf! Thank you to CHON FM and Grand Chief Peter Johnston for the AWESOME support!!

In the evening, Cows Go Moo played their first bar as they opened for Stubbs and The…

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A first for Cows Go Moo...

Cows Go Moo played at the year end Whitehorse Elementary school barbeque and received their first random complaint from the public! Thank you for noticing us…..

Show at Lefty's Well

Cows Go Moo are opening for Dave Against the Machine and Mr. Bigly at Lefty's Well on February 25. This is not an all ages show. Doors open at 8:00pm, cover charge is $15.

HVACTech Christmas party

Cows Go Moo played at ELECTRIC show at the HVACTech Christmas party to an enthusiastic crowd! They even attracted people from the bar and the other Christmas party next door...

Thank you to HVACTech for the opportunity to rock!!

Nordting and Cows Go Moo

Cows Go Moo provided an original song and accompanying performance for Nordting: Northern Assembly. The show was performed at the Yukon Arts Centre and involved multiple local performers.